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In order to improve both the quality and the performance of his waterjet machines, Kimtech has developed the most efficient technology for axes movements’ motorization. Kimtech is therefore one of the most advanced world-wide on that matter. To reach this optimal precision, the machines have been entirely re-examined: new outline, new supports especially created for Kimtech.

Linear technology has many assets:

Precision: thanks to the quality of the components, the … of the positioning reaches the thousandth of millimetre.

Reliability: Without mechanical transmission parts such as driving belts, pulley, screws and racks, there is nearly no risk of erosion, loosening or damage.

Security: as soon as someone or something touches the cutting head, the machine stops cutting immediately; thanks to this system, all kinds of accidents are completely avoided. Moreover, by pressing “restart” the machine starts cutting again, the information which were being treated are not lost at all.

Stability: Steadiness is essential in waterjet cutting. This technology allows extremely soft movements and no vibrations at all while cutting.

New technologys, Linear Motors

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